• Leela Fish is Here to Save the Day!

    Date: 2010.05.07 | Category: Bonnie Barrell, Dogs, Leela Fish, Pets | Tags:

    It’s official! All of Leela’s paperwork came through. We now have a licensed Therapy Dog and Canine Good Citizen in our midst. In our welcome package, we received a list of places where we can take her. Several libraries, nursing homes and hospitals are on the list. We plan on making our first visit next week to visit Amanda in the hospital.

    As part of the welcome package. Leela got this snazzy bandanna. Looks good with her black and white, no?

    She also got this nifty yellow tag she wears on her collar. I know you can’t really read it well here, but it says, “I’m a Therapy Dog.”


    Leela says, “I am a therapy dog, here to SAVE THE DAY!” Doesn’t she look so super hero-esque?

    And what does Bonnie think of all this?


    That’s ok, we forgive her. If she ever gets over her constant fear of everything that moves, maybe one day she too can be a therapy dog. In the mean time, she’ll stick to snuggling and squirrel chasing, thank you very much.