• A Christmas Eve Surprise

    Date: 2012.12.28 | Category: Family, Holidays, Home, Mark, OMG YAY!, Sarah | Tags:

    This year Mark and I agreed not to do gifts for each other in lieu of getting Sarah her very own plastic fort – complete with slide. And boy was she excited about it!

    But then my husband couldn’t let things go like that. After we unwrapped all the gifts with his family Christmas Eve, Mark turned to me and said, “You have one more.” He pointed behind me. And, sure enough, there sat a perfectly wrapped gift. I had no clue what it was (though, Mark said, he feared I had figured him out when he spent an afternoon last week installing a fancy wireless distributor in our hallway).

    My first thought was jewelry, but I picked it up and it was heavy. I started to unwrap it and saw the Apple logo. I was in shock. I told Mark earlier this year I wanted an iPad to share with Sarah (that was part of my pitch). That way I could enjoy it and she could use it for interactive story books. But, this was a tight year for us, and it wasn’t in the cards. So, you can imagine my surprise when Mark decided that all the extra work he put in at the end of this year would go towards an iPad for me (and Sarah).

    He took some photos of me opening it.

    Shock. Awe.

    And perhaps the most amazing part? This was inscribed on the case he got me to go with it.

    That was the most beautiful part of all. I often say Mark doesn’t have a “romantic” bone in his body, but then he turns around, does something like this and makes me cry on Christmas Eve.

    I hope you all had and continue to have a very Merry Christmas.