• Double Trouble

    Date: 2012.12.13 | Category: Family, Health, Home, Life, Mark, Sarah | Tags:

    The past few days Sarah has developed a cough that’s gotten increasingly worse to the point that it made her throw up last night. It’s so bad, in fact, that she hasn’t been able to sleep much, and when she does it’s interrupted by racking coughs and tears. This had me texting nurse/mom Cassie last night on my last leg, and hustling it over to the local pharmacy for some vapor rub. Fortunately, it eased things enough that she could sleep.

    This morning though, she had a low fever and the same awful cough. When I called daycare to tell them she wouldn’t be in, they told me there had been a confirmed case of croup in her classroom. I immediately called the doctor right after they opened, repeatedly re-dialing through the busy signal. My doctor was booked up, but we got in with another one in the practice.

    In the mean time, I texted my sister to let her know what was going on because her little boy is in the same daycare class with Sarah. Turns out she was debating on whether or not to take him to the doctor as well. Unfortunately, by the time she called the doctor’s office (20 minutes after me) they had no appointments with any of the doctors left.  Tis the Season!

    So we talked about it and decided to see if J could share Sarah’s appointment with her. After my sister pressured the receptionists, we found out they could, but my sister has no sick time at her new job. So Mark and I picked J up and the four of us went to the pediatrician’s office.

    When we got there, they tried to hassle us at the front desk about the double appointment (and this after Shannon had called, confirmed and paid the co-pay), but after they talked to the doctor, it was quickly smoothed out.

    Thank goodness we had a short waiting time in the waiting room and in the doctor’s room.

    The doctor was J’s normal pediatrician and was great with both of them.

    Turns out J had a double ear infection, and they both have RSV, hence the racking coughs. The two of them didn’t seem to mind too much though, but that may have been because they were having too much fun playing with one another.

    We went home and had color time while I fixed lunch.

    And then we had lunch time. J wanted all the fish and Sarah wanted all the sweet potatoes. Hey, whatever works.

    At this point I felt like I was owning it. Two kids? No problem!

    And then nap time came. Bless his heart, J went right down for his nap. But Sarah? Well she’s been screaming for about an hour now. So maybe I don’t have this. But I’m certainly giving it my best effort. And in only a few hours time, I am very very tired.