• A Problem with Textures?

    Date: 2012.12.12 | Category: Family, Holidays, Sarah, Weirdness | Tags:

    About a week ago, I decided that I would make homemade clay ornaments. And with that clay, I was going to get each of the dogs’ paw prints and a hand print from Sarah. After the ornaments baked, I had visions of sitting Sarah at the table with a paintbrush and letting her decorate her perfect little hand print, while I inscribed dates and names on each ornament, strung them up and hung them from the Christmas tree.

    With this perfect holiday image in my mind, I went to town making the clay. I somehow managed to coat my entire kitchen in cornstarch, but I was undeterred. I dug out the rolling pin, measured Sarah’s hand, and used cups to create the perfect oval for her to press her hand into. I sat her in her high chair, brought the clay over, grabber her hand… and she flipped out. And by flipped out, I mean she screeched, tears pouring like I had burnt her, when her hand had yet to even touch the clay.

    At this point, my husband said, “Just leave it, she obviously doesn’t want to do it.” But dang it, I spent all that time making that clay and visualizing how perfect this was going to go that I wasn’t going to give up so easily.

    So, I took her out of the high chair and put her on the couch with a video. Surely, I thought, that was going to distract her enough to let me get the desired hand print. But as soon as she saw that little clay oval coming towards her, she went into inconsolable hysterics. So, I showed her how Leela could do it. No luck. Then Bonnie. Sarah only cried harder. Finally, I, being the mean mother that I am, pried her hand open, and made her do it… only to have her hand fold up in a fist and destroy the ornament.

    I tried salvaging it and baking it anyway, but all I got was a broken piece of clay with something resembling finger prints on it. So much for that vision of holiday fun.

    I’m a little nervous, because I bought a groupon to the painted pottery place in hopes we could do a Santa plate with hand prints. I know paint isn’t clay, but I have a feeling her reaction will be the same.

    At school they do hand print art all the time, so I asked them how she does with it and her teacher immediately replied, “Oh she HATES is, she curls her fingers up and wants nothing to do with it.”

    So my next thought is, well maybe we’ll try and do foot prints. But now I have visions of her smashing plates in an attempt to get away.

    So, do I settle for letting her paint her own plate?

    I’m not sure if this is just a texture issue or what is going on? She has no problem playing in mud or bubbles. Maybe it’s just making her do something against her will? Now that I can understand.