• Helping the Puppies and Kitties

    Date: 2012.12.10 | Category: Dogs, Friends, Holidays, Kitties, Love, Pets | Tags:

    It’s easy to get down sometimes when life isn’t going the way you planned. I’m struggling through some things in my life right now that I will overcome eventually, but they just make some days seem gray. It also makes my writing a bit lackluster, so I haven’t been blogging as much here or over at Sweet and Saucy.

    But then there are really beautiful moments that shine through the gray.  In particular, my friend Cassie’s daughter Claire (who is 5) came up with the idea (on her own, no less) to make life better for rescue dogs and cats this year for Christmas.

    Claire is a beautiful little spirit. When I was up in Pittsburgh in October, away from my own sweet girl, Claire attached herself to me, and we quickly became fast friends.  Granted a lot of our time was spent teaching her how to play the “Hanging with Friends” app, but more of it was spent in hugs, snuggles, questions and answers. And even though Cass and I aren’t sisters, I feel like Claire is my niece.

    I’ve loved animals ever since I was a kid, and we own two rescue cats, so Claire’s  cause is close to my heart.

    So far, the response to Claire’s request for supplies for the local animal rescue has been amazing.


    Aren’t people wonderful sometimes?

    But if you want to play Santa Paws and help her out in her mission to save the kitties and puppies, check out this Amazon wishlist they have set up. You can pick what you want to send and be confident in knowing all your donations go to Animal Rescue.

    I’ve made Cassie promise to take pictures of the final donations and their delivery, and I’ll share them here when it’s all said and done.