• On Shopping and High Heels

    Date: 2010.05.06 | Category: Family, Style, Work | Tags:

    Well guys, I did it.

    I literally cleaned out over half of my closet, put it in a giant trash bag and hauled it away.

    It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. For one, I was in “go mode.” And for another, I bought so many new clothes that I needed a place for them!

    New Rule: If everything doesn’t fit in the closet or dresser, then somethings have to go.

    So shopping. It went surprisingly well. So many times when I shop, I go in with a negative attitude, but not this time. This time, I knew things would be different. I brought my sister-in-law Stephanie with me (who I may or may not have duped into going with me by getting her to agree after a few glasses of wine the night before).

    She was a huge help. She picked out colors and styles for me to try on that I usually shy away from. And, most importantly, she was honest with me when I tried something on. If it made me look huge, then it went back, no matter how comfy it was.

    Stephanie was by my side during the first part of our shopping, but wandered off to do some of her own for a while. Much to my dismay, when I was in the dressing room I discovered that everything I had picked up by myself was GRAY. Every single thing. What is wrong with me? My subconscious wants me to dress like Eeyore.

    In the end, I got tons of cute items in a variety of colors including tops, skirts, tank tops and dresses and just three gray/black items. After all, I still need to pair those colors with something.

    I made another trip out on Sunday and picked up a few more things. I was thrilled with my new wardrobe and ready to show it off.

    I eased into my new wardrobe throughout the week. Monday I wore brown slacks, as usual, but paired it with a cute, floral top. Number of comments on my new look: Two.

    Tuesday I got a little braver. I still wore slacks, but this time I went with a bright, salmon colored shirt. Number of comments: Zero.

    “Not bad,”  I thought and breathed a sigh of relief.

    Wednesday I combined the two, I went with a print, a bright color and, on a whim, decided to wear heels. Number of comments: Two.

    Now, why my 5’10”, curvy self decided wearing heels all day long was a good idea, I still don’t know. Putting all of my weight on one spot of my foot was clearly a bad idea as I now have achy ankles and blistered pinky toes.

    I have decided that I love the idea of high heels, and don’t mind breaking them out for the occasional formal event, but that they are not work shoes. At least not until I can afford some hand-made couture shoes custom built for my foot. If that ever happens, then I may never wear flats again.

    So that brings us to today, Thursday. The day I decided to wear a dress. I was nervous – seriously! But I picked one of those long town gowns and paired it with a pink under shirt and a light gray cropped sweater. Start modestly I thought.  And it’s black, people won’t even notice I thought.

    How wrong I was. Number of comments: Seven.

    The comments ran the gambit.  Six were from women. One from a man.

    The majority of the responses I got were “Cute dress!” and “Look at you! You look great!”

    I got one “Is it a special occasion?” And another, not so subtle, “I’m sorry, but I have to ask, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you wear a dress. What’s going on?”

    And to think I thought people wouldn’t notice! Ha!

    But, I feel great and confident and proud of myself for making a change in my look. Mark has been taking photos of me in my new outfits throughout the week and I will post them here this weekend. (I’m not crazy about my figure, but in the name of blogging, new clothes and new confidence, I’ll post them).

    For now, I’m going to take my co-worker Lori’s solid advice, “If they ask why, just tell them you’re doing it for yourself. In a week, it will stop.”

    And so I will.