• The Season is Upon Us

    Date: 2012.12.03 | Category: Family, Holidays, Home, Life, Mark, Sarah | Tags:

    It’s hard to believe Christmas is just around the corner, especially with higher than normal temperatures that had me digging through a box of Sarah’s summer clothes I had already optimistically stowed away to find something cool she could wear to a baby shower today. But that’s ok. We like playing outside, and today’s perfect upper 70’s temperatures allowed us to do just that.

    I’ve been curious to see how Christmas would go this year. Last year, Sarah was crawling and showed little interest in the Christmas tree, preferring instead to pull up on the coffee table and play with flashing, bright toys.

    We put the Christmas tree up at mom’s house first, and there the only thing she cared about was using the box the tree came in as a slide.

    This year I put the Christmas tree up at our house while she was napping. When she woke up, she walked straight to it and said, “TREE!” Then she quickly discovered the dog ornament. And, using good reasoning skills, she now calls it the “dog tree.”

    I should also mention that she’s rather attached to a wooden painted “store” (star) my friend who lives in Qatar brought back for us. And, in perhaps the most telling moment, she found my ornaments of a red Starbucks cup, plucked it off the tree, put it up to her mouth and let out an enthusiastic, “MMmmmm!” Erm, maybe mama should lay off the coffee.

    We also went to visit Santa this year. And because mall Santa is so expensive just to say hi, we opted for the free Bass Pro Shop Santa. I wasn’t really sure what to expect… but I was pleasantly surprised to see Santa with a real beard, a friendly Mrs. Claus and a great set of picture taking elves. Plus, free!

    This was the photo we got.

    Would you believe me if I told you she wasn’t scared of Santa? Guess what she was scared of?

    That’s right, those life sized reindeer that some local hunter probably shot and had taxidermied. She was terrified of them and couldn’t get away from them fast enough. Good thing Santa was patient and had a good grip.

    This is the first year I think Mark and I will truly experience the parent Christmas gift insanity. Even though I know that’s not what the season is about, I really wanted to do something nice for Sarah this year that she would love. Mark and I both opted out of gifts for ourselves, and instead decided to do it big for Sarah. As a consequence, I had to do battle with all the people working at Toys R’ Us, haul home a giant box that wasn’t loaded properly into the truck by Toys R’ Us employees that nearly took out a car behind me on my way out of the parking lot, and am now faced with something that is in about 8 million pieces that will have to be assembled on Christmas Eve. But trust me when I say that it will be totally worth it.

    So have you kicked off the season yet?