• Trick-or-Treating

    Date: 2012.11.08 | Category: Family, Halloween, Holidays, Home, Life, Mark, Me, Sarah | Tags:

    I’ve been up to my eyeballs in work, which means I haven’t talked about how trick-or-treating went!

    Mom’s neighborhood it the trick-or-treating mecca of where we live. All the kids and churches pile in, and the streets are packed. It’s a lot of fun (though you have to go early, otherwise people run out of candy).

    This year was Sarah’s first to trick-or-treat and I had no idea what to expect. We let her pick her own costume: a kitty cat ballerina.

    And surprisingly, she loved the ears and kept them on all night. She also loved her Madonna gloves.

    My nephew was an adorable little Charlie Brown.

    After a brief squabble over who got to hold Snoopy, we loaded them up and headed out.

    Do you know that wagons come with seatbelts now? They proved to be quite handy when both kids decided to abandon ship when we approached a house with scary clowns on the front porch. Jacob left in an attempt to go to them and get more candy and Sarah, ever her mother’s daughter, screeched and nearly made it out of the moving wagon to get away from those awful things. I scooped her up and we both left immediately.

    It worked out though, because Sarah liked walking up to the friendlier doors and holding her bucket out.

    We made it all the way down one long street and halfway down another (where they were handing out full sized Snickers bars for parents!) And since we managed to avoid the rest of the scary faces, we both enjoyed ourselves.

    When we knew they were done with their trick-or-treating, mom, Mark and I hung out with the kids on the porch and handed out candy. There were only a few frightening masks, and she had so much fun dancing and playing with dad that it didn’t matter so much.

    We also let her have her first dum dum sucker, and learned how much fun things get when suckers get stuck in hair.

    Over all, it was a rousing success and I know next year will be even more fun!