• Fall Festivities

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    In case you couldn’t tell, we love Fall around this place, even with the air conditioning blowing and the 88 degree temps outside. Over the years, I’ve made an effort to make October a month long celebration of fun. This year is no different, and actually more fun now that Sarah can get in on the fun.

    As I mentioned previously, we’ve already made a trip to the Pumpkin Patch.

    After we picked out our perfect pumpkins, I carved one:

    And Sarah colored on one:

    I roasted the pumpkin seeds after carving the pumpkin, and they were delicious. The easy recipe is here.

    We’ve colored Halloween pictures together too.

    Last night though, was our ultimate Halloween tradition: decorating Halloween cookies. This annual event manages to bring together my entire family, including my sister who is in college and we never see. I also invited Becki to come, though she had no idea how much chaos she was in for.

    And, just for good measure, there was also more love time with the puppies, who now have their eyes open!

    On that festive note, it’s time to wish you farewell for the weekend. I’m headed to Pittsburgh to see Cassie, photograph Carly’s wedding and finally meet Katie! I plan on having a great time while they all attempt to distract me with food, exercise and booze so I won’t cry over being away from my baby for four days. See you on the flip side!