• How Angie Cat Found Her Home

    Date: 2010.04.28 | Category: Angie Cat, Family, Kitties, Sam Cat | Tags:

    It’s high time I continued the story of how I accumulated so many pets.

    I told Sam’s story here. He was the first.

    After we had Sam for about a year, we noticed a couple things.

    1. Sam was destroying anything he could get his nasty little claws on. This includes, but is not limited to, the coffee table, the over-sized chair, the underside of the couch, laundry and our appendages.

    2. He was always looking to get into trouble and to get our attention.

    Mark thought he was a psychopathic demon-cat. I thought he needed a friend.

    And so I began my crusade for another cat. Mark asserted that our townhouse was only big enough for one cat. I pleaded and pleaded and then pulled out the big guns… “I want a girl kitty for my birthday.” Mark rolled his eyes, sighed and threw in the towel.

    As if by fate, my friend Angela called the following weekend to let me know a friend of hers had rescued a tiny little orange kitten from the alley ways of Baton Rouge. I squealed, Mark sighed and Angie Cat rode with Angela to her new home with us.


    Angie was my cat, so I named her after the Rolling Stones song.

    She was skinny and scaredy and Sam was in love. It was different with two cats. Sam followed her like a shadow and his penchant for sticking his nose in her butt landed him with an upper respiratory infection. She was the answer we were looking for though. Sammy took a liking to her and gave up his awful habit of scratching on the furniture to get our attention (well, mostly). Now he had a friend to scratch on. And Angie? Well she loved him just as much right back.


    Angie is a much gentler soul. To this day most people wouldn’t even know we had a second cat because she hides in the guest bedroom when people come over. But, if you’re patient, sometimes she’ll reward you with an appearance… that is if Mark and I are both home to stand guard for her.

    I call her my little nurse maid. Whenever one of us is sick, she knows and makes her way into our lap and sits with us for the day. Letting us love on her and keeping us warm.


    She has the squeakiest little voice though, and gains weight like no kitty I’ve ever seen. Poor Angie cat.


    She, unfortunately, gets the least attention in the house, but I think she likes it that way. As long as Angie has a hiding spot, access to plenty of food and Sam cat to snuggle with, she is one content little kitty.

    She is definitely a shy kitty all her own, and we love her that way. She, like Sam before her, wormed her way into our hearts and is here to stay.