• We are the Champions

    Date: 2012.10.22 | Category: Food, Friends, Health, Life List, Me, OMG YAY! | Tags:

    It’s been a while since I broke out the ole Life List.

    But I’m happy to say I have something to cross off of it:

    #44. Run a 5k all the way through without stopping.

    And because here in the South we “go big or go home,” I went ahead and committed to a 10k. Because if I’m going to go out and do it, might as well push my body, right?

    The thing is, I really haven’t been training specifically for running any “k’s.” But I have been spinning at the gym at least twice a week for 50 minutes, doing body pump once a week-ish, and spending my weekends power walking with the stroller and power lifting a 25 pound child. So I’m not exactly out of shape, and spin uses a lot of the same muscles. When my friend Becki was looking for someone to run the Autumn Breeze 10k with her, I decided to dive in head first. I mean, you get an awesome sweatshirt for doing it after all.

    In the week and a half leading up to the race though, I managed to land myself with a cold. I only missed half a day of work, but I missed a lot of exercise. Saturday morning though, I took a sudafed and powered through. The temperature was perfect and we set out.

    I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a slow jogger, but it was perfect, especially since the course managed to carry itself over all the hills in northwest Louisiana. Near the end of the first 5k, we had the option to stop, but as we approached the turn around, I looked at Becki and said, “let’s do it.” We made it just over four miles of jogging before the muscles in my butt and legs turned into angry fists and I had to stop and stretch. But we powered through, running just over 5 of the 6.2 miles which, for the record, is the furthest I’ve ever jogged.

    Right near the end of the race, we looked back to see a police car following us. I said as much to Becki and she replied, “Well we better give him something to look at then.” And so we picked up our pace.

    We were some of the last people on the course, the 5kers having finished well before us and the other 10kers actually having competitive run times, so we got lost briefly and actually added to our distance, making it around 6.4 miles.

    At the very end, despite cramps and exhaustion, we sprinted to the end, passing an old couple who lovingly referred to themselves as Secretariat. And, wouldn’t you know it, the race people were there at the end to congratulate us and give us high five’s.

    To celebrate, we went to locally famous diner Strawn’s, where we met Mark and Sarah and ate really good southern icebox pie.

    I’m really proud of myself and thankful for Becki who kept me going all the way until the end.