• A History of Love

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    When I was a teenager, I used to daydream endlessly about the man I would marry. In my mind, he was tall, dark and handsome (of course) and could play the guitar (because, don’t you know, guitar playing is sexy).

    When I met Mark, all those many years ago, we were both seeing other people. Unbeknownst to one another though, both of our relationships were on the rocks.

    Mark and I worked together. And by worked together, I mean he managed the I.T. department and I was an intern doing some technical writing for the company (oh, the scandal!) His assistant, a sweet Chinese girl named Yan, got it into her head that Mark and I should date. She told me so and I laughed it off. But then, he and I started playing raquet ball together at the gym. Shortly after that, my long distance boyfriend of a year dumped me.

    Mark, being the smart guy that he is, looked on the company intranet to make sure I was over 18 (I was a couple weeks shy of my 19th birthday). Not long after, he asked me out on a date. I surprised myself and eagerly said yes.

    That first night, we quickly discovered that we were very compatible. We placed our values in the same places, and conversation came easily to both of us. Yan, our coworker, was thrilled and told me, “Mark needs a good girl. You’re a good girl.” We kept our dating a secret for three months at work, then “came out” to everyone at the company Christmas party.

    That was just over nine years ago. The rest, as they say, is history.

    We married on October 20, 2007, five years ago.

    He’s not tall, nor does he play guitar. He has bright, light blue eyes and amazing  dark hair. He is, however, exceedingly handsome.

    I love that I dreamed about the man I thought I wanted, and God sent me the man I needed. He’s not a hopeless romantic songwriter, but he’s the practical, fix-anything, no nonsense rock I need in my life. He’s an amazing dad and a hard worker. He makes me feel beautiful, even when I’m down on myself. Our love has evolved over the years, none so much as when we had a child together.

    I may not always say it, but I’m thankful for every year, every day, every moment we have had with one another.

    Happy Anniversary to Mark, the love of my life.