• Food and… Art?

    Date: 2012.10.02 | Category: Birthday, Family, Food, Friends, Life, Love, Mark, Me, OMG YAY!, Sarah | Tags:

    Today was a wonderful day, and not just because it was my birthday, but because people went out of their way to make it fantastic and stuff me full of so many calories that it’s going to take me 10 spin classes to get them all off.

    It started early with a 5:00 a.m. wake up from a laughing toddler… which I tried to ignore while getting a few more blessed minutes of sleep. A little before 7 I relented and got her up. Mark gave me two cards, a sweet one from him and this one from Sarah which promptly scared the pants off of her.

    The kid literally backpedaled about 5 feet when she saw it and hid her face on Mark.
    Note to self: Do not take Sarah to Chimp Haven.
    Note to Mark: Let Sarah pick out her own card next time.

    Little bit gave me a big hug before dad took her to school.

    When I arrived at work, I found that my co-workers had bought me a chocolate cake from Julie Anne’s, a great local bakery AND I had a Starbucks pumpkin spice latte waiting on me. Do my coworkers know how to treat a girl right or what?

    Not to be outdone they took me to lunch at Ichiban, a great sushi and hibachi place. The day went by really fast, and soon I was making my way home.

    Mark’s mom picked Sarah up at school, so we had time to enjoy the perfect pumpkin weather outside for a while with the dogs before heading to eat at L’ Italianos, a great little authentic Italian joint in the old part of the city. We were seated in a back, remote corner and quickly discovered we were surrounded by fertility art, like the one seen here behind Mark entitled “The Journey.”

    There was another one on the wall next to me that was a bit more, erm, female inclined, not to mention the Venus statue that sat in the corner and the grapes that dangled over our heads. Not what we expected to see while we dined, but maybe the waiter thought it was the best place for the youngest couple there.

    Not to be outdone, a group of old British ladies were seated at the table next to us and were very disappointed that the waiter could not procure them chocolate martinis to go with their “starters.”

    The food was amazing though, as always, and Mark and I enjoyed and laughed at the varied entertainment around us.

    After dinner, we headed to his parents’ house to pick up little bit and his mom had baked brownies for us, creating the perfect ending to a perfect birthday.

    One of my coworker said today that 28 was one of her best years. I have a feeling it will be for me too. Here’s to another great year!

    P.S. Happy birthday to my blogging buddy Bluz who also celebrated today!