• The Reunion

    Date: 2012.09.23 | Category: Friends, Life, Mark, Nostalgia | Tags:

    My 10 year high school reunion is fast approaching, and I’ve been debating on whether or not I’m going to go. I’ve wondered, in the day and age of Facebook and social media, what’s the point in going? I keep in touch with some of my friends from high school already. Then I started thinking about the variables. My close knit group of friends I used to hang out with, I now just watch from a distance on FB streams. Some are active, some are not. And other classmates I wasn’t as close to have friended me since and talk to me more now than they ever did in school, sharing photos and stories about children.

    The other variable: me. Let’s face it, when going to an event to see people I haven’t seen in over 10 years, I need to show up looking great. We’ve all changed since high school (at least I hope), but what’s changed?

    Well for one, I was heavy in high school. And while I’m certainly not thin now, I’ve slimmed down. I’ve traded sloppy, baggy pants and t-shirts for more fitted shirts and skirts. I make some attempt at my hair and even wear a little makeup from time to time. Plus, I’ve already booked my fashion forward sister to help me look fabulous for the event.

    Socially? I’ve married a great, handsome guy and have a beautiful, amazing little girl.

    Professionally? I feel like I’m successful and I love my job(s). Editing and graphic design are interesting, ever evolving and takes some skillz to do.

    In high school, I wasn’t one of the popular kids, but I wasn’t a complete loser either. Some of my best friends were a grade above mine. I had my group that I hung out with and went to Mardi Gras parades with. I didn’t have boyfriends though, and that was a sore spot for me. I guess I was just picky and a late bloomer. That turned out to not be an entirely a bad thing. I excelled at my telecommunications class and English, and had fun running lights for school plays. I was an academic overachiever and a great big book nerd (some things never change).

    Thanks to Facebook, I know that most of my group I used to run with in high school is going, so I’ve decided I’ll go. I even managed to talk my husband into going with me, though I didn’t think that was possible. I think I need to figure out some way to “live tweet” the event for some of my high school buddies who live in Seattle and New Orleans and won’t be attending (what do you think Kacie?)

    If all else fails, it’s at a neat venue and it will certainly make for a great story.

    Tomorrow’s goal: Find the perfect dress. Wish me luck!