• The Beauty in Ordinary

    Date: 2012.09.10 | Category: Family, Food, Halloween, Home, Life, Mark, Sarah | Tags:

    The first spark of fall sifted it’s way into the air this weekend. I know it won’t last. The weather will spike up and down for a while still before it settles into a few crisp, beautiful days. But just the hint of this gorgeous weather sent my mood soaring this weekend.

    I find that I always keep myself busy, looking forward to the next big thing or trip. But this weekend, I stayed put and enjoyed every moment of it.

    Sarah is such an amazing little person now, and hanging out with her can be so much fun! I think our good moods were feeding off of each other. We went grocery shopping at Target, where several strangers commented on her personality. The fact that they can see her spunk in just a few quick moments makes me laugh. She murmurers this phrase now that sounds like, “what is it?” and points to objects around her.

    We visited my parents, cleaned house, folded laundry and cooked. I made pumpkin gingerbread, one of my all time favorite recipes. We went on a walk with the dogs and Mark “revved up” her stroller and sent her into a cascade of giggles. She ran outside and dumped buckets of water on herself.

    I set up an art station for her with big sheets of blank newsprint paper and lots of crayons and she colored for a solid 30 minutes. As she was coloring, I leaned over to Mark and said, “that was one of my secret hopes, you know, that she would love to color and make art.” I don’t know if it will stick, but right now it makes her so happy.

    Even at church this morning, after Sarah rebelled against sitting in the pew, she calmly and happily went to play in the nursery – that was the first time she went and actually seemed to enjoy it. And the homily spoke personally to me today, easing a worry I’ve been gnawing on for several months now.

    I picked up pumpkin spice lattes during Sarah’s nap today (with a gift card no less) and enjoyed the start of the football season with my husband.

    This weekend was ordinary and entirely perfect.