• A Different Take on Austin

    Date: 2012.09.05 | Category: Family, Food, Friends, Sarah, Travel | Tags:

    Mark and I go to Austin annually to visit our friends who live there. Prior to having kids, our visits usually meant floating down the Comal river with an ice chest of beer, going to bars on Sixth Street, frequenting the hip local restaurants and checking out the amazing music scene.

    And now? Well we have a busy 17-month-old and they have a four-month-old and we’re all just very tired. But that doesn’t mean we sat at home and did nothing.

    We did, after all, manage to go downtown and hit up the flagship Whole Foods store and raid their amazing, organic buffet. Sarah ate over half of “my” food and we learned that she likes pot roast and Indian food. Who knew? The store was really amazing. Triple decker parking garage, countless fresh prepped food counters, chocolate truffle center, fresh bakery, produce for days and great shopping.

    The kids thought it was ok too.

    The other thing that happens is that I now take lots of pictures… all of children. Sorry about that, but you’ll just have to live our trip by staring at photos of little ones.

    Sarah suddenly started talking more during the trip too, which floored me. “Good girl,” “Yay, slide!” and a form of her own name all emerged while we were there.

    Maybe she was just trying to get our attention because the baby was stealing her thunder in the bouncer.

    And even though the heat of the day was brutal, the mornings in Austin were divine. Upper 70’s, wind and no humidity. And since Sarah likes to attempt to wake the household at 6 a.m., we spent a lot of time outside in the mornings.

    Yep, things were different this time around, but I loved seeing a little bit of Austin with Sarah in tow.