• Snips and Snails and Sugar and Spice

    Date: 2012.08.28 | Category: Baby, Family, Food, Friends, Life, Sarah, Style | Tags:

    My mom, sisters, grandmother and I threw a baby shower for both of my cousins’ wives this past weekend. Catch all that?

    Lauren is due on October 13 and having a little boy.

    Lindsey is due January 5 and having a little girl.

    And I took to my usual party planning ways and had a blast with my family preparing this one.

    Mom and I put together those diaper cakes. There is a bottle of wine in the center of each for when mom makes it through the diapers.

    The spread! Those are pumpkin spice cupcakes and they were amazing.

    That’s me and little bit waiting for the guests to arrive. Every southern woman who attended had a fit over Sarah’s smocked dress. It’s what we do in the south.

    We had the shower in this great big, old house called “The Big House” in Ruston, LA. It belongs to some relatives of my grandfather’s. The house is still completely furnished with antiques and old silver and crystal.  Oh and  also lots of creepy portraits of my deceased relatives.

    The girls got lots of great gifts (including smocked clothing). These Louisiana outfits were some of my favorites.

    For her part, Sarah thought the Elmo dvd was the best present.

    Towards the end of the shower, the dads-to-be showed up and had fun holding Sarah and my nephew. I mean, don’t they look like they’re having fun to you?


    And finally: How much mischief do you think these two were planning? I’m pretty sure it involved a run for the rickety stairs or the creepy elevator.