• Book Baby Shower

    Date: 2012.06.08 | Category: Baby, Books, Food, Friends, Pregnancy, Style | Tags:

    I love a good baby shower, and I love it even more when I’m helping throw it for my best friend and former roommate.

    My friend Susan is due with her first baby – a little girl – in July. Together with five of her friends, we threw a children’s book themed baby shower.

    However, I got so caught up in writing down gifts and Sarah clinging to my legs that I just got a few detail photos and one group shot. But that’s ok, because the details were amazing.

    Guest sign in! That’s her framed invitation, an adorable embroidery by hostess Kristen and the book Olivia (which is the baby-to-be’s name) that people signed.

    Guess how many swedish fish and win a prize!

    Yes, those are owl cupcakes.


    Baby’s own personal Giving Tree courtesy of hostess Marie.

    Books and food!

    More food.

    Awesome pineapple punch I put together.

    Oh look, there we are. That’s me on the left, and the tiny mom-to-be third from left. Marie, (4th) made the awesome caterpillar.

    So excited for you Sus!