• Animals in Revolt

    Date: 2012.05.16 | Category: Family, Health, Kitties, Pets, Sam Cat | Tags:

    Remember when Leela tried to up and die on me?

    Well now Sam Cat decided that he needs his moment in the spotlight and started peeing blood. When I saw the litter box, I thought that couldn’t be good, but didn’t freak because surely UTI right?

    So we took him to the vet where they ran us up another nice big bill (I could really use that buy three visits get one free card now).

    Turns out is exceedingly rare for a male cat to get a UTI, because as my vet so visually described it to me, their pee hole is the size of the tip of a ballpoint pin. (I’m not joking, he really broke out the pen to show me just how small we’re talking about here).

    Instead, he says, male cats tend to get blood in their urine when they’re stressed.

    Now, I’ve seen stressed cats.

    When we first moved into our new house, Angie Cat took up residence underneath the comforter at the foot of our bed and wouldn’t even leave to eat for nearly three months. She lost hair and dropped a ton of weight. That was a stressed cat.

    Sam though? That cat struts around our house like he’s the king of the world and we are all his devoted minions. He has window ledges he spends the vast majority of his time in all day. He has two dedicated litter boxes and swipes at the dogs when they are stupid enough to challenge him (though mostly they just run from him). He does not, in any way, appear stressed.

    The vet says a new baby could bring on that kind of stress. Ok, but Sarah isn’t really new, though she is new to walking. Maybe her screeching meows and full body runs at him are a bit stressful, though he doesn’t hesitate to retreat to his window ledge if she’s being unruly.

    At any rate, our vet suggested we put him on Prozac. PROZAC. For those keeping count, that would mean Bonnie is on her bladder control meds, Leela is on her monthly steroid shot and Sam would be on Prozac.

    I nixed that idea. Especially since the vet said that combined with a number of other things may reduce the chances of this happening again by 50%, maybe.

    Of course all this could mean he needs more water and some antibiotics. So we went that route and bought a fancy cat water bowl to induce him to drink more.

    I think I need a constantly running fountain for ME to drink from, in particular one that spouts wine would be lovely.

    Of course, my vet said, this could happen to Sam again one day, clog up his pee hole and kill him in less than two days. So there’s always that bit of joy to consider.

    Honestly, we’re going to give this water bowl and antibiotic business a try, make sure he goes out at least once a day and see what happens. If this continues, we may have to find him a less stressful environment to live in, because I love that cat and no way I’m going to let him die a painful death if I can help it. Let’s hope sparkly magical water bowl does the trick.