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  • 5 Months

    Date: 2014.02.24 | Category: Baby, Family, Home, Me, Norah | Response: 10

    My Norah girl is five months old and seems to be settling into her personality. She is all giggles and snuggles, often letting out loud, squealing laughs.

    She’s big enough for her bouncer now, and loves sitting in it and looking at all the toys around her. I love watching her try to (usually successfully) reach and grab items that she takes an interest in. She can now also reach out, grab and hold on to toys… and also hair. Ouch!

    This past month Norah experienced croup for the first time. She developed labored, strider breathing and terrified me. Fortunately though, she snapped out of it withing 12 hours of starting a steroid.When we took her to the doctor she weighed in just shy of 15lbs. She’s in a size 3 diaper and 6-9 month clothes.

    She also experienced her first “snow” day  this past month from inside the house, but I think she enjoyed watching her sister run around outside in it.

    She is a master at rolling front to back now, and has started making attempts to go back the other direction. She can also get her knees up under herself when she gets a mind to, and move herself forward ever so slightly.

    She loves to reach out and grab chins and ears, rubbing our faces and smiling. She loves kisses on her cheeks and forehead and always lets out appreciative laughs when we give them to her.

    Norah forever has her fingers in her mouth. She’s getting better at popping her thumb in when she’s tired and doing a bit of self soothing.

    She has stopped sleeping through the night, however, going through an awful sleep regression phase. At one point she was waking up at 11:30, 2:30 and 5:30, but seems to just stick to the 2:30 wake up now. She wants to laugh and play when she wakes up and it takes a while for her to get back to sleep. I am absolutely exhausted from all this business.

    She absolutely loves tummy time, and when she gets bored she likes to lay on her back, kick her legs and squeal. She’s starting to “stand” more and more when we hold her.

    Norah also had her first Valentine’s Day this past month. Mommy and Daddy gave her a book and a little stuffed frog. She made a Valentine with her feet at school.

    Norah girl is definitely our little snuggle bug, always happiest when she’s laying on someone, or someone is talking to her. She especially loves watching her sister and cousin run around and play. She can’t wait to get in on that action.

    She’s a sweet little spirit with a gentle personality. And besides that whole not sleeping thing, gets so much more fun and lovable every day.

    Oh how I love my little Norah girl. There is nothing like rocking my sweet baby to sleep, even if it is at 3:00 a.m.

  • Living

    Date: 2014.02.20 | Category: Baby, Family, Health, Home, Life, Mark, Me, Norah, Sarah, Toddler Time | Response: 8

    Oh hi! Remember me? It’s ok, I barely remember my own name these days.

    Let’s start with this precious begonia.

    Remember how I told you that she started sucking her thumb and was sleeping for 12 hours straight? Too bad that was just a fun, short break. Now she’s entered what Google has informed me is the four month sleep regression phase. Long story short, she startles herself awake at least three times a night now, wakes up, starts chirping like an overzealous bird and refuses to go back to sleep. This means that I am averaging about three hours of sleep a night, with no chance to nap because I’m back at work again. Fun times!

    I mean it’s really a very good thing that she is oh so adorable… even if that does mean she starts laughing at me somewhere around 3 a.m. when I start pulling my hair out.

    Speaking of pulling hair out, I have entered that joyous post partum phase where all of my hair is falling out. I brush it once and suddenly my hairbrush has been transformed into a pathetic looking chinchilla. My hair has gotten so thin that I’m starting to wonder if I have any strands strong enough to hold on. I’m thinking about giving it a good chop and letting it start over.

    In other fun news, Norah caught croup from school, struggled to breathe one morning last week and gave me a panic attack. I took her to the doctor and they started her on steroids right away. They fixed her up in a matter of hours and she was thrilled to ride that sleeplessness side effect into every single night she was on the steroid.

    We also had Sarah’s first “snow day” last week… which meant we had a pretty neat ice storm with accumulation. I know I have friends who live up north and may laugh at this, but we residents of the deep south are not equipped for such things, so schools were canceled and I got to stay home with my girls and slip slide across the icy backyard with my poor, confused dogs. Sarah enthusiastically declared, “Mama! It’s Frozen like the movie!” Poor kid, that may be the closest she ever gets to a real snow. We don’t even own gloves. I had to take a note out of my friend Susan’s book and put socks on her hands.

    And me? Well besides the fact that I’m not sleeping and all my hair is falling out, I seem to be holding up moderately well. I joined a book club with a friend locally, and I get one day a month to go out, have a drink, eat and talk about books with friends. And these folks have extremely different reading tastes than I normally do, but it’s been great because it has forced me to read books out of my default YA zone. And the first book we read, while it had a boring start, ended up being a really interesting read. (And we got to discuss it while I ate a sweet potato pancake, blackberry grits and enjoyed a mimosa!)

    We are also getting ready to replace half the floors in our house. We initially thought we were going to pay someone to install it, but Mark and I are just too cheap. When we learned the install price was double the actual floor cost, we decided to tackle the project ourselves. And by we, I mean Mark. He has been demoing our current floors and prepping them so we can install the new. So on top of mountains of princess toys and legos, we now have concrete and dust. All in good time!

    And speaking of Mark, I’d like to just take a moment and tell you how proud and thankful I am for him. The man has been my rock during this whole sleep regression thing, and even had an awesome daddy-daughter day with Sarah last weekend so I could make an attempt at getting some extra rest. They colored with sidewalk chalk and walked to Dairy Queen to get ice cream cones that they enjoyed on the patio. Because, yes, even though we had a snow day Wednesday, by Sunday it was 75 and perfect patio weather.

  • A Cautionary Tale

    Date: 2014.02.06 | Category: Family, Home, Life, Me, Sarah, Whoops | Response: 5

    I hesitated to share this story because it makes me feel like a terrible mother. But like all stories that fall into that “terrible parent” category, sometimes sharing them will help someone else.

    Two nights ago, after visiting with my friend Susan who was in town from Biloxi, I headed home late with two tired girls in tow. When we got home, Sarah told me she needed to go to the potty. She’s gotten very good at going on her own, so I left her to it. About two minutes later I heard a very loud crash.

    I knew, deep down in my gut, that it was her dresser. I cannot even explain the sense of terror that filled me at that moment. She hadn’t started crying at that point and the worst possible thoughts were filling my head. When I was halfway down the hall running to her, she started crying and screaming.

    When I walked in the room, I saw the dresser tipped over, with her legs underneath it. But, we were lucky. The drawers slid out and caught the dresser from falling flat on her. But she was laying there crying with her legs from the thighs down pinned under one of the drawers. I immediately pulled her out, still thinking that we were about to make a trip to the emergency room. I started asking her what hurt, expecting her to say her legs. Instead, through tears, she managed to tell me her shoulder hurt.  Sure enough, she had a big scratch across her left shoulder. Her hip was banged up too, already bruising.

    She continued to cry, pointing to her dresser and shouted, “No no dresser! You hurt Sarah!”

    I should also probably mention that she was naked. I later pieced together that she had gotten her panties a little wet when she went to the bathroom. She took them off and attempted to get to a top drawer to get clean panties. To get to that drawer, she opened the bottom drawer and used that to climb up to the panty drawer. That is what tipped the dresser.

    Afterwards she was able to get up and walk on her own without complaining too much. She really just wanted a band-aid for her shoulder. It was bedtime, so I gave her some ibuprofen and put her in bed.

    The next morning we got her up and sent her to school. That afternoon I got a phone call from school that Sarah was walking funny on her right foot and screamed when they tried to take her shoes off or touch her foot. When I picked her up, she wouldn’t let me touch her foot. I finally convinced her to point to where it hurt – a spot between her big toe and her arch on the bottom side of her foot. It wasn’t bruised or swelling, but I still decided to get it checked out.

    We went to the doctor’s office this morning and she got a full inspection. They did verify that she was injured, but after pressing on it and feeling the foot, the doctor said it wasn’t broken and would likely heal up on its own.

    You better believe that Mark went to Lowe’s this morning and promptly secured her dresser to her wall. I gave the thing a good tug to make sure. We are also securing Norah’s.

    I think Sarah must have a very exhausted guardian angel tailing her most of the time. We were very very lucky.

    So please, take it from me, even if your kid has never attempted to climb your dressers, go ahead and secure them to the wall. It took Mark about five minutes to do so this morning and it could save a broken bone, or even a life!