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  • Happy Halloween!

    Date: 2010.10.31 | Category: Family, Halloween, Life, Nostalgia | Response: 10

    Dad has been scanning in and emailing me lots of old photos. This is one of my favorites.

    That’s me on the left, dad (minus the scary werewolf mask) in the middle, and Shannon on the right.


    I hope you have a fantastic Halloween full of lots of candy and good scares!

  • Say WHAT?!

    Date: 2010.10.29 | Category: Mark, Photography, Whoops | Response: 12

    I can’t wait to finish telling you about BachelorGirl’s wedding. How beautiful she looked, how perfect they are together, how we managed despite overwhelming chaos thanks the event location. But, I kind of want to see what she says on her website first. I know there have been some back and forth issues with said event site and BG and as my dad always says,  “Don’t let your mouth overload your ass.” So, patience.

    Speaking of mouths saying things they shouldn’t, let me tell you about my last doctor appointment.

    You see we went for the baby’s 16-week appointment about two weeks ago. Everything was going just fine. We asked questions, they squirted that nasty goo on my stomach and chased the constantly on-the-move baby around my uterus until they locked down its heartbeat. The doctor measured my stomach (now if this isn’t every woman’s worst nightmare, I don’t know what is).

    I asked a few questions about pediatricians and back pain (OMG it HURTS SO BAD). But everything was pretty normal.

    The doc was getting ready to walk out when Mark casually said, “One more thing.”

    The doc paused at the door and looked at him.

    Smiling, Mark said, “How’s her weight?”

    WTF Mark.

    The doctor and I both glared at him like an alien had just dropped out of the sky, landed on his head and was currently sucking out his brain.

    The doctor spoke first. She said, “Um, someone’s sleeping on the couch tonight.”

    I stared at him with mounting fury and said, “Mark, SERIOUSLY?”

    At this point he realized he had messed up. He started stumbling, “Oh no. I mean. Um. It’s just that she’s been so worried about gaining weight and I wanted her to be reassured.”

    The doctor started laughing and said, “She’s only gained 5 pounds, she’s fine.”

    The doctor laughed, shook her head and walked out into the hallway where I’m sure she related the whole story to everyone she worked with. Heck, I would too.

    I told Mark after she left the room that next time, if I were worried, I would ask. To leave matters of pregnancy weight gain to me and the doc.

    Maybe I don’t feel so bad about putting that dent in his truck bumper after all? ;)

  • In Which Things Go Awry

    Date: 2010.10.27 | Category: Friends, Mark, Me, Weirdness, Whoops | Response: 9

    So my friend Kelly, now Mrs. Bachelor Girl, got married last weekend. Well really, weekend before last. And it was indeed a happy, creative and somewhat chaotic celebration.

    I had originally planned to get ready with all the bridesmaids at the salon around 10am that morning. But, due to tight finances following our vacation and the steep price of hair and makeup coupled with the fact that my sister, who is amazing at both hair and makeup, volunteered to do both for me for free, I canceled my salon appointment.

    However, I had already promised Kel that I would pick up sandwiches for the crew.

    Now my sister had limited time to get me looking top notch before she had to go to work. So I was trying to make sure I looked pretty and picked up and delivered sandwiches.

    At about 10:30am, Kel called halfway through my makeup application to tell me they were finishing up early and didn’t know what to do about the sandwiches. I reassured her I would take care of it.

    Shan finished up my makeup, then hair sprayed my face and I took off to get the sandwiches in a bit of a hurry.

    I successfully delivered the sandwiches to the salon and beautiful little Kel, who looked exactly like a little wood sprite and would have fit in nicely with an enchanted forest. I wanted to stay and chat, but I still had to get my hair done before my sister took off for work, so I quickly headed out the door.

    Now I was in Mark’s truck because my car was still in the body shop waiting on some specialty painted headlight to be shipped from Honda.

    And a Toyota Tacoma? Is a LOT longer than the tiny little Honda Fit I’m used to. So I start to back out. Stop. Realize I don’t have quite enough room to turn, ease up on the brake and then WHOMP! I looked back and saw a white car behind me and began screaming obscenities.

    I pulled the truck forward and ran to look at the car, which had lots of scuff marks on it. In hysterics I ran into the salon, where we quickly discovered the vehicle was Mere’s rental.

    The ever-present Kel swept up beside me and said, “Don’t you cry, you’ll ruin your makeup.” She pulled me together while we realized that, praise God, there were only scuff marks on the car that wiped off with a little spray.

    A quick series of relieved thoughts went through my head. “We don’t have to call the cops! There won’t be another thing on my insurance! I won’t have to pay to fix the rental!”

    But then I looked at Mark’s truck. And oh holy hell there was a giant dent in the left bumper.

    Now how did a plastic Toyota Camry come out with no damage while a metal trunk bumper had a huge dent in it? The tears started again and instantly I was surrounded by bridesmaids and salon workers telling me to calm down and to not even tell him.

    HA. Ha ha. HA. This is the man who inspects his truck every day for rock chips. He is going to notice a big dent in the bumper and THEN kill me.

    But I regrouped. Shannon finished my hair. I went home and told him.

    And cried and cried and had to put tissues under my eyes and redo my mascara. He, of course, was furious. I dented his new truck WHILE mine was in the shop. And I felt terrible and miserable and awful and reminded him that “I’m carrying your child, remember? You love me!”

    And he calmed down, sort of, and then we headed to the wedding.

    There things got infinitely more chaotic, but that story is for another post.

  • 17 Weeks

    Date: 2010.10.26 | Category: Baby, Pregnancy | Response: 2


    17 Weeks

    This week has been eventful! You have started bumping me a lot now. I notice it mostly when I lay down and still at night. It’s so exciting to feel you moving so much. Right now it’s still just a lot of flutters, but I hear that gets much more… intense.

    Also, I have developed an intense craving for Caesar salads. I told your grandmother who lectured me on checking to make sure raw egg isn’t in the dressing. That thought nearly devastated me. I’m not sure if it’s the fish oil in the dressing or what, but oh my goodness it’s delicious.

    Also, I finally made your daddy change to an unscented deodorant this week. And you and I both are much happier with this change.

    Mama still doesn’t have a real baby bump yet, but according to your grandmother (and fellow blogger Cassie) being tall means you have a lot of room to grow before you start pushing your way out. Your grandmother said she was 5 months along with me before she noticed a real baby bump. It’s hard to believe the 5 month mark isn’t far away!

    Love, Mama

  • Moonlighting

    Date: 2010.10.25 | Category: Halloween, Me | Response: 0

    It’s no secret to many of you that I moonlight as’s Web Mistress. While she’s away on her honeymoon, I’ve been left in charge, which means I’m running TWO blogs this week. I know for some of you that’s nothing, but for me it’s slightly overwhelming.

    Good thing B.G. is one of the most organized women I know and has it all planned out.

    So click here to check out my guest post in her little corner of the world today.

    I hope your Halloween Week is amazing!

  • 3 Years!

    Date: 2010.10.22 | Category: Life, Love, Mark | Response: 4

    On Wednesday Mark and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary, though maybe “celebrate” isn’t the correct term. I was actually out of town on business and he was at home busy studying Linux and all its aspects to pass the LPIC exam next week.

    When the workday finally wound down, I got in my dorm-style bed and called him. We were going over the events of the day and lamenting not being together on our anniversary when suddenly I got very quiet.

    “What’s wrong?” Mark said.

    “The baby is moving!” I said.

    He immediately launched into a million happy questions about how it felt, and could he feel it when he got home? And we laid there, hundreds of miles apart sharing in the joy of the life coming our way.

    And if that isn’t the best way to rejoice in a three year marriage, I don’t know what is.

    I love you Mark, it’s been an amazing 3 years of marriage.



  • 16 Weeks

    Date: 2010.10.19 | Category: Baby, Pregnancy | Response: 4


    16 weeks! My how the time is flying. This week you were in Aunt Kelly’s wedding. And boy did I know you were there when I put on my bridesmaid dress. It laid flay when I bought it, but now there’s a little bump making itself known.

    Yesterday I had such a strong craving for potatoes and sour cream that when daddy picked me up from work I begged him to take me anywhere I could get that combination, I didn’t care if it was tater tots with sour cream on them! Daddy quickly pulled into TGI Fridays and ordered potato skins (without bacon) with extra sour cream! The only thing more delicious than those were his mashed potatoes that I stole, covered in more sour cream and ate. But don’t worry, I made sure to eat a little chicken, some avocado and beans so you had protein!

    To date I am +2 lbs from my very first appointment 12 weeks ago (though that doesn’t take in to consideration the weight I lost and added back).

    I am still having shooting pains in my left and sometimes my right side. You are growing and stretching and making room for yourself.

    We went to the doctor today and again the doc had trouble locking down your heart rate because you are moving around so much! But she finally did and you sound great!

    We also learned we get to find out if you are a boy or a girl on November 8.

    We can’t wait!

    Love, Mama

  • Best Birthday in the History of Birthdays

    Date: 2010.10.18 | Category: Halloween, Life, Mark, Travel | Response: 15

    So much to tell about B.G.’s wedding weekend! And it’s all coming, I promise. But I really need to finish my Orlando story. This has been dragging on far too long. Here we go.

    Friday, October 1. My 26th birthday.

    It started with a big surprise! Becki somehow managed to decorate our hotel room for my birthday while I.. slept? Zoned out? Watched TV? Either way, it looked amazing!

    disney 2010

    And what better way to spend a birthday than going to Disney World?

    So we made our way to the happiest place on earth, where we headed straight for the infamous Epcot Food and Wine Festival. And let me tell you, it was AMAZING.

    disney 2010

    There were over 25 food stations set up around the World Showcase. With a little bit of Internet research we discovered we could preload gift cards that we carried on our wrists, allowing us to swipe, get our food and not fumble with change, thus ensuring the quick progress of food to our mouths.

    This was a pregnant lady’s dream. Not only were we eating throughout the course of the entire day, but we stopped and sat a lot so we could eat. And in addition to all the amazing food? Why beer from around the world of course. This made Mark very happy. And since one of the strangest parts of my pregnancy has been an addiction to the SMELL of beer, I was very happy as well.

    disney 2010

    There were so many amazing foods, all of which I took photos of. But for the sake of brevity, here were my top 5 favorites:

    1. Lobster and Scallop Fisherman’s Pie from IRELAND.
    disney 2010

    2. Freshly Baked Waffles with Berry Compote and Whipped Cream from BELGIUM.
    disney 2010

    3. Kielbasa and Potato Pierogies with Caramelized Onions and Sour Cream from POLAND.
    (Note: due to pork allergies, I couldn’t eat the sausage, but that potato thing? YUM. Plus, it kind of looks like a Halloween face on the plate)
    disney 2010

    4. Shrimp Cake with Singapore Noodle Salad from SINGAPORE.
    disney 2010

    5. Warm Chocolate Lava Cake with Baileys Irish Cream Ganache also from IRELAND.
    disney 2010

    Following the food and wine festival, we hit up a few more Epcot stops, including samples of Coke products from around the world. Note: the Italy one is apparently disgusting. Mark tried to trick me into trying it by telling me it was delicious. But Becki, being worried about my constant state of nausea, warned me ahead of time.

    disney 2010

    We also rode the World of Tomorrow ride inside the dome and had fun shopping the Disney Halloween goodies.

    Also, did you know that when you go to Disney on your birthday you get a special button to wear and everyone that works there tells you happy birthday the rest of the day? And Becki and Mark got special “I’m celebrating” buttons too!

    disney 2010

    From there we went to Magic Kingdom where we changed into our Halloween costumes and prepared to trick-or-treat at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. While Mark was busy enjoying the no lines at Space Mountain, Becki and I went through the Mad Tea Party Treat Trail. Not only did we meet the Mad Hatter…

    disney 2010

    But we stocked up on candy! Note: they give you extra candy for having a birthday button!

    The hit of the night by far was Becki’s costume. The employees couldn’t get over Sailor Moon and more than once we’d hear a group of Japanese people whisper frantically before deciphering “Sailor Moon.” I think she could have set up for photo ops.

    disney 2010

    We were able to ride Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean with almost no wait.

    And the Halloween parade was so cute!

    disney 2010

    It will go down as one of the best birthdays ever. It definitely felt more like my 6th than my 26th birthday.

    I guess some things never change?


    disney 2010

  • Bonnie Love

    Date: 2010.10.18 | Category: Bonnie Barrell | Response: 5

    I hope your day is as happy as Bonnie in the truck window on the Interstate.


  • Halloween Horror Nights

    Date: 2010.10.13 | Category: Halloween, Travel | Response: 5

    After the amazing day at Islands of Adventure theme park, we decided to go back to the room to take a nap and gear up for Halloween Horror Nights.

    All three of us successfully napped and got ready. We headed to CityWalk for dinner, where we ate at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co and literally ate shrimp all kinds of different ways. Bubba would have been proud.


    Bubba Gump Shrimp

    From there we anxiously made our way to Universal Studios for Halloween Horror Nights. The entrance alone was amazing with red lights and a big screen full of Universal’s scary Halloween characters talking to us.


    Walking into HHN

    We immediately walked into the Esquelteo Muerte Scare Zone. There were mostly cool black lights and costumes in this zone, and we got our first experience of how close the “Scareactors” will get to you! But it wasn’t super scary yet.


    Esquelteo Muerte Scare Zone

    Then we managed to walk through The Coven Scare Zone, where I unwittingly snapped a photo of Liz’s friend at work. This one was more fun, as some of the characters stalked us. We would see them sneaking up behind us over our shoulders.


    The Coven Scare Zone

    We decided to try out a house, but unfortunately all the lines were very long. So we went to the one Mark was looking forward to the most, Zombiegeddon.

    The line was about an hour wait. But they did have videos on how to kill zombies that were funny to watch while we waited. Plus, periodically “zombies” would walk through on a chain gang, dragging their legs and moaning which was particularly funny.


    Entering Zombiegeddon

    I snapped this pic before we went in the house.

    The house itself was a lot of fun. A screaming baby zombie popped up in the nursery room and scared me. Not to mention all the screaming zombies that popped out from behind curtains and scared us all.

    The house emptied out into the Zombie Gras parade, which was one of my favorite scare zones. Not only were their people in Mardi Gras floats screaming and trying to get away from zombies, but there were great New Orleans costumes and both Becki and I stopped paying attention long enough to get scared by one of the zombie scarachters.


    Zombies going after a person in the Zombie Gras parade


    Zombie Gras from across the lake.

    Unfortunately this ended up being the only house we went through, because about that time I started having shooting pains in my lower left side. I was terrified because I had no idea what that meant. Had I put too much stress on my body? Was the baby freaking out? Was the baby ok?! (Note, I later called the doc and found out that the baby is fine but all the walking probably did put too much stress on my body.)

    After looking at how long the other lines were, we decided to go to the Bill and Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure show to rest. The show was pretty funny, but unfortunately, a lot of their “pop culture” references weren’t really that popular. However, the Jersey Shore and Lady Gaga characters were hilarious.

    After the show I started feeling even worse. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to leave or not, after all I had been waiting to attend HHN for a long time, but of course it’s not just about me any more. I thought it best for the baby that we head out and get some rest.

    We managed to pass Jack, the scary clown, some awesome glowing pumpkins in trees and the Fear Revealed Scare Zone on the way out. I was miserable and texting Liz when we went through that one, and sure enough one of the characters ran up and whispered in my ear! Yikes!


    Overall, it was a lot of fun and I’m so glad I went. I just really really wish I would have had time to go through more of the houses! Oh well, baby first. Here’s to hoping I’ll make it back one day.

    Oh! and I crossed another item off my Life List! Even though I didn’t get a picture of myself there…