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  • Oh, Austin, TX…

    Date: 2010.07.12 | Category: Friends, Life, Life List, Mark, Travel | Response: 6

    How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

    1. You are so near to the Comal River, where I can lazily spend the day in an inner tube, drinking beer and occasionally scrambling to avoid losing my sunglasses in the tube shoots.

    2. You have Sixth Street. Home to great music bars, like Antones.


    3. Where you can see great local favorites like bluesy girl-band, The Bluebonnets, and the Arc Angels (complete with members from Stevie Ray Vaughn’s former band).

    4. Thus completely rendering husband man in a music geek stupor.

    5. You have Katz’s on Sixth Street. Open 24 hours with some of the best flavored lemonade and fried pickles this girl could ask for.
    Fried Pickles

    Lemonade at Katz's

    6. You are the home to Fuji-yama, aka best sushi and hibachi I’ve ever had in my life. They even managed to convince Mark, the mushroom hater, to eat a sauteed mushroom… but just one.

    7. Austin, you turned an overworked couple to a happy, relaxed couple.

    8. Within 10 miles of you is Round Rock Donuts, allowing me to mark the first item off my Life List.
    Round Rock

    And effectively ruining my diet. (But that’s ok, I’m hopping back on tomorrow, I swear!)

    9. You gave us great, sunny weather on the river and by the pool.

    10. And most importantly, you are home to two of my favorite people: Scott and Dana.
    Scott and Dana

    Thank you Austin! We’ll be back soon.

  • Hers (and His) Life Lists

    Date: 2010.07.08 | Category: Life List, Mark, Travel | Response: 11

    Inspired by my friend Kelly over at BachelorGirl and the blog Mighty Girl, I decided to craft a “Life List.” You know, those things I want to do before I quit this life. I made one a while back on my LiveJournal, and was pleased to see that I actually accomplished several of the listed items. The others have been transferred to my new list.

    When I was telling Mark about this, he got excited. He made me read the whole thing to him and then said he wanted to make one to go with mine. So we agreed. I would write 50 items and he would write 50 items. And we will support each other in completing said items (as long as our budgets and sanity allow).

    So here are my 50. (Maybe I can get him to dictate his 50 to me on the long drive to Austin this afternoon?).

    1. Start a garden.
    2. Drink a butter beer and pumpkin juice at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
    3. Try out Geocaching.
    4. Write a book.
    5. Make a mini documentary of my great, great uncle Mix.
    6. Go somewhere I can see a “real” snow fall.
    7. Finish reading my list of the top 100 literary classics.
    8. Bake a red velvet cake from scratch.
    9. Get paid to write a freelance article.
    10. Win an award for graphic design work.
    11. Win an award for writing.
    12. Go backstage at a concert.
    13. Own a telephoto lense.
    14. Visit Washington D.C.
    15. Build a house.
    16. Buy and ride a bike regularly.
    17. Workout my arms until they look great and I’m comfortable going sleeveless.
    18. Ride in a gondola.
    19. Own an opal necklace.
    20. Be a mom.
    21. Visit the Anne of Green Gables Museum on Prince Edward Island.
    22. Get a working knowledge of Spanish.
    23. Spend at least two weeks in Europe with Mark.
    24. Eat a Round Rock donut.
    25. Read all the Discworld books.
    26. Drink coffee in Seattle.
    27. Go to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios.
    28. Take a cake decorating class.
    29. Visit all 50 states.
    30. Go snorkeling.
    31. Visit the Coca-Cola museum in Atlanta.
    32. Get a working knowledge of another computer language (PHP or Java?).
    33. Change over to organic/natural products wherever possible (thanks for the inspiration Lori!).
    34. Put together a photography portfolio website.
    35. Photograph the women who have had a big impact on my life.
    36. Go on a cruise.
    37. See a Cirque de Soleil show in Vegas.
    38. Go to the Olympics.
    39. Attend a Saints football game.
    40. Go to 100 concerts.
    41. Go to 50 southern festivals.
    42. Send a birthday card to every friend and relative over the course of a year (and hopefully beyond!)
    43. Make gumbo from scratch.
    44. Run a 5k all the way through without stopping.
    45. Make a piece of jewelry.
    46. Try snow skiing.
    47. Do some sort of mission work.
    48. Go to Dollywood.
    49. Learn how to install hardwood floors.
    50. Kiss Mark in front of the Eiffel Tower.
  • Visiting Vets

    Date: 2010.07.04 | Category: Family, Life, Life List | Response: 8

    One of the things on my Life List has been to interview my great, great uncle Mix about his experiences in World War II and as a fireman in subsequent years.

    I put it off for a number of reasons. I was worried he wouldn’t want to talk about it, gathering the right equipment, setting up times, traveling…

    But Mix is on dialysis now and I began to worry that I would lose the opportunity. So, last time he was in town, I asked him if he would be willing. He smiled and said, “Oh sister! Have I got some stories for you!”

    I ran the idea by my grandmother, and she was thrilled. She immediately began gathering old photos and even called and suggested I include Mix’s brother-in-law, Pat, who was a Lt. Col. and served in WWII and the Korean War.

    I started getting very excited and researched and prepared. I found some great information at the Veterans History Project and set the date for July 3. Is there a better weekend to learn more about those who served our country?

    So I ventured over to Ruston yesterday and sat down with Mix for an hour and a half and then Pat for another hour or two. I was all prepared with my questions, but I quickly tossed them. Mix and Pat both smiled and just started talking about their experiences.

    They traveled a lot, both domestically and internationally. And while neither saw combat, both were on the cusp of entering it when the bombs dropped in Japan. Mix was actually on a boat off the coast of Okinawa, and Pat, who was a bomber pilot, had orders to fly and move in through England.

    They told stories of women and booze, and lost men and disappointment.

    I plan on writing this whole experience up for a local magazine, so once I get that article together, I will share it here. I am also putting together a mini documentary. It’s really for family, but I will share it here as well.

    It was an amazing experience talking to both of them, and it really opened my eyes to who these men were so many years ago.

    So happy Independence Day! Please remember those who faithfully serve our country.

    Thank you Benjamine “Pat” Kincannon.



    Thank you Thomas “Mix” Howell.