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  • Hard Work and Psycho Cats

    Date: 2012.03.13 | Category: Angie Cat, Baby, Bonnie Barrell, Dogs, Family, Food, Health, Home, Kitties, Pets, Sam Cat, Sarah | Response: 18

    Prior to the beginning of Lent three weeks ago, my exercise was intermittent at best. I walked a few miles on the weekends and counted the hour and a half of baby wrangling at church towards my workout time (and let me tell you, trying to contain and hold a very active 20 pound baby while sitting, standing and kneeling at Mass requires all kinds of muscles I didn’t know I had).  But my weight loss had (unsurprisingly) stalled out.

    I knew that my eating habits had set me back too. Mardi Gras is wonderful, but it’s called Fat Tuesday for a reason  (so. Much. King cake.)

    So with Lent on the horizon, I started thinking about worthy sacrifices, sacrifices that would be hard, but productive. I decided on a chocolate sacrifice (which I’m sort of regretting now as I stare at the two boxes of samoas on the kitchen counter every day) and a time sacrifice to exercise.

    When I told Cassie about this, she was all over it. She has been sending me workouts every single day and following up with me about what I like and didn’t like, gauging my strength level and making sure I do them.

    And three weeks in, the lack of chocolate and the increase in exercise is working. I feel stronger, happier and lighter. Seven pounds lighter to be exact. My body went into major shock when I started making it work more. I hope this trend continues and I don’t destroy it when I annihilate those somoas on Easter Sunday.

    Ironically, I’ve helped start a cooking blog during this weight loss work, but it’s inspired me to share my low-fat and healthy recipes and focus on cooking at home more often. (Though I’m already trying to figure out what kind of cupcakes to make for Sarah’s first birthday party).

    All of this has been going really well. I get up in the mornings, exercise while the baby sleeps and then go on about my day, not missing any time with my girl. Or should I say it was going well until Day Light Savings Time hit and my cat went psychotic.

    I already struggle with Angie cat attempting to sit on my face every time I do floor exercises (to stop me or increase the resistance, I’m not sure which) but now Sam Cat has decided to start sabotaging my sleep, and with the getting up an hour earlier, I’m a zombie in the mornings.

    Angie Cat, the face sitter.

    Last night I was sleeping when out of nowhere the mean little fuzz ball lept from the window seal above my bed and landed on me, claws extended. I jumped up screaming and cursing, which managed to upset the baby, even though her door was closed (Mark slept right through this however). Sarah finally quieted and it took me a good hour to fall back asleep. I had been asleep maybe 30 minutes when the damn cat did it AGAIN. Oh the anger and the sleep deprivation. He at least had the good sense to haul ass down the hallway and get out of my reach.

    Not to be outdone, Sarah woke up crying again around 5 a.m. I have to assume she’s getting more teeth or the cat is attempting to sabotage her as well.

    All of these things have been sabotaging my workouts and it’s frustrating. I should at least feel well rested if I’m going to accidentally sleep late!

    And now that it’s beautiful outside, it’s time to take advantage of that as well. All my workouts have been inside and the long period of inactivity also meant Bonnie dog grew fat. She’s gained nearly 10 pounds due to our lack of walks. Whoops.

    So here we go, back to inside AND outside workouts. Let’s hope the next time I report in, Bonnie and I both will be down 10 pounds.

  • 7 Days

    Date: 2011.12.18 | Category: Angie Cat, Holidays, Home | Response: 10

    Angie Cat has taken up residence in her new Christmas tree / present fort.

    Too bad she only has a week left to enjoy it.

  • Adjusting

    Date: 2011.04.22 | Category: Angie Cat, Baby, Bonnie Barrell, Dogs, Family, Holidays, Kitties, Leela Fish, Life, Love, Mark, Me, Pets, Sam Cat, Sarah, Weirdness | Response: 12

    It’s been nearly two weeks since I gave birth… and it all seems like one big long daze. From a 24-hour cycle to reoccurring 3-hour cycles. It’s hard. Harder than I thought it would be. The sleep deprivation and breastfeeding are difficult, but with the help of Mark, who mostly works from home, we’re doing it and making it.

    The other members of our house have had a hard time adjusting too.

    Leela was very weary. She wouldn’t come within about five feet of Sarah for a week. Leela is slowly getting closer and closer to Sarah… laying next to her, sniffing her and her blankets. And then yesterday Mark blew on Sarah’s belly. Leela HATES that noise with a passion. Suddenly Leela launched to Sarah’s defense, trying to keep Mark’s lips away from Sarah’s little tummy. And then Leela started covering little Sarah with kisses from head to toe, relieved that she was ok. Their relationship has been sealed ever since.

    And Angie Cat has suddenly turned from Miss Scaredy Cat to resident Bad Ass Cat. Out of nowhere she has suddenly started bullying Bonnie. We will hear Bonnie cry, then she come running into our room, followed closely by Angie all frizzed up and hissing. What in the world? When did the dog start being terrified by the weenie cat?

    Sam Cat really could care less that there is a new family member. He’s just happy the changing table is set up so he can sleep in it. I have a feeling that when we actually start using the nursery his attitude will change.

    Bonnie, like Sam Cat, is completely unfazed by Miss Sarah. The first day she met her, Bonnie walked right up and licked Sarah on the head.

    So we’re all adjusting. And when I start to feel overwhelmed, Sarah will flash me the biggest smile and make me melt into a big pile of gooey happiness.

    We’re a team. We’re a family. And we’re figuring it out.

  • Merry Christmas!

    Date: 2010.12.23 | Category: Angie Cat, Bonnie Barrell, Dogs, Family, Holidays, Kitties, Leela Fish, Life, Love, Pets | Response: 2

    From our family to yours…


    Yes, those are doggy Santa hats. Leela attempted to eat hers, while Bonnie thought of it as a rather nice accessory.


    Hey, at least they stayed on their designated “animal blanket.”

    Merry Christmas!

  • You might be a redneck if…

    Date: 2010.11.24 | Category: Angie Cat, Weirdness | Response: 12

    You have tin foil taped to your wood floors in an attempt to prevent your cat from defecating on said floors.

    Try explaining that to your magazine editor when she shows up with Thanksgiving baked goodies and she’s so busy staring at the floor that she can’t remember why she stopped by to begin with.

    Oh well, maybe it will keep the alien space rays out of our house.

    In case you were wondering, Operation Move the Cat Box was successful for exactly one week, then Angie resumed her disgusting habit. If the foil doesn’t work, I’m stealing BachelorGirl’s SSScat and fixing to the wall. At least that will bring me some amusement out of whole ordeal.

  • Update on Blogged About Things

    Date: 2010.11.12 | Category: Angie Cat, Friends, Leela Fish, Life, Me, Sam Cat | Response: 8

    1. My move to go organic.

    Parts of this have been more successful than others. Cleaning and hygiene products? Check! We’ve successfully switched to Berts Bees shampoo and conditioner, which had the bonus effect of hydrating my scalp more. We’ve also had great success with Tom’s toothpaste, Ecos laundry detergent and intermittent success with Seventh Generation dish detergent.

    Food has been much more difficult due in large part to my strange pregnancy eating habits. For instance, I can rarely eat meat these days unless I smother it in ketchup and mustard so I can’t taste the meat. Which means I a) need to find satisfying organic condiments and b) need to focus on finding organic vegetarian options that the husband will eat. Though he still breaks and goes to the nearest fast food place for a burger as often as he can. We have had success with wild caught salmon, spaghetti and potato soup however! And now that dad’s garden is full or organic and yummy broccoli, we’ve been eating a lot of that.

    2. The Cat Problem.

    Cassie’s solution of putting out a bowl of apple cider vinegar to keep the cat from peeing in front of the front door seemed like it was going to be a great success. Angie Cat went a full two weeks without peeing on the floor and was appropriately using the litter box. I declared Cassie the cat whisperer!

    But then she started ignoring the litter box again and instead peed on top of the bowl of vinegar to make her point. *$%* CAT!

    It is an ongoing problem again. So this weekend’s project is going to be converting the office closet into a litter box friendly zone. I’ll have to pack and store the clothes that are in there now, but hopefully it will be a quieter, calmer space away from the dogs and front door that will make her more willing to use the litter box.

    3. My updated closet.

    I had so much fun updating my wardrobe earlier this year, but my expanding body has made most of those clothes useless. However, I’m discovering more creative ways to dress and use what I have. Plus, a friend let me raid her maternity clothes, so I have a few new things to work with.

    4. Kelly’s Wedding

    Well, at the ceremony, there were some major glitches which she does a way better job of explaining than I can here. But we were in the dark (ha ha) about most of the problems. So outside of trying not to break an ankle in the potholes in the aisle in the dark and the threat of nearly passing out in the middle of the ceremony (though Mr. Phelan promised he would have caught me) and the still-angry husband over that whole denting the truck business, it was fun. No really. We danced and ate and had a merry old time. See?


    Plus, Kel and The Guy were happily married and that made me positively radiant.

    5. And finally, this. Because a sleeping Leela and Sam Cat make me happy.


  • Cat Drama

    Date: 2010.10.11 | Category: Angie Cat, Pets, Weirdness | Response: 11

    Angie Cat makes life miserable. For us and herself.

    You see it all started a couple months ago when one of the cats started peeing by the front door. At first it just happened occasionally, and then it turned into every day, twice a day.

    And believe me, there is nothing worse than the smell of cat pee.

    At first we thought it was Sam Cat marking his territory. But then Mark caught Angie in action.

    Since then we’ve tried a number of things to stop this including, but not limited to:

    1. Trying to remove all traces of the odor. This has involved purchased sprays and homemade concoctions of baking soda, dish soap and hydrogen peroxide.
    2. Changing the litter box.
    3. Cleaning the litter box more frequently (much to Mark’s chagrin).
    4. Putting liners in the litter box.
    5. Screaming and yelling at her when she goes near the front door.

    And none of these things worked. Mark declared it was time to find a new home for the cats. I wasn’t ready to go there yet, but I did think we needed to take her to the vet. I mean, maybe it was just a bladder infection and a shot would fix it?

    What we found out at the vet made our heads spin.

    1. After trying to feel the cat’s bladder and being shut out by her gigantic layer of FAT, the vet first informed us Angie Cat is extremely obese. This we knew and have been trying to work on, but portioned out diet food doesn’t work, as she steals the other cat’s food as soon as he turns his head and gobbles it all up like a greedy little rat. In fact she gained a pound and a half since her last visit 6 months ago.

    2. There are any number of reasons she could have stopped using the litter box including: another cat outside, the door as a threshold, the current litter box spot isn’t private enough, the dogs suddenly got interested in what’s in the litter box, she’s a lazy ass and doesn’t want to go all the way to the box.

    So now we’ve had to adjust our lives in radical ways to combat a number of problems.

    1. Solution to dog problem: We now have to sprinkle a powder over the cats’ food that makes their poo taste nasty to dogs. Dogs can be so gross.
    2. Solution to obesity problem: Cat food goes down for 10 minutes, 3 times a day. What isn’t consumed is their loss. (Sam Cat has caught on and is thrilled Angie will no longer steal his food). However, this means the cats start in on us at 3am because they are mean little hungry monsters.
    3. Solution to peeing problem? Not so easy. We’ve reverted to the old litter box, kept the dogs out, and added a supplement to her food. STILL NOT WORKING.

    Outside of locking her in her own room, which we don’t have to spare, we’re running out of options.

    And here’s the kicker. What the vet thinks is the best solution for her problem? PROZAC. Yes, the vet thinks kitty should be on medication to chill her the hell out.

    We’re at our wits end and I don’t know what to do outside of wrapping her in a diaper and calling it a night. But then there’s that awful squeaking noise she’d make…

  • Dear Angie Cat,

    Date: 2010.06.14 | Category: Angie Cat | Response: 8

    I know you are very angry right now, and for some good reasons. For instance, having guest dogs over for three days upset your balance and daily schedule. And then inviting a slew of loud and fussy relatives over to see the house made you hide under the comforter for four hours, losing lots of precious kitty hair in the process.

    And I know that putting you on a diet sucks (I feel your pain on this one), but my dear kitty girl, your shape currently resembles a football and I just want to help you get your girlish figure back again.

    I know all those things are mean and horrible, but did it really warrant such vicious retaliation?

    I know you saw me up all last night, pacing the halls with a stomachache. And I know you knew I was in pain and frustrated because I couldn’t sleep. I also know that you sensed when I finally fell asleep at 4:15 a.m. this morning, because you are a kitty and sensitive to these things.

    So why, oh why, on God’s green earth after I FINALLY fell asleep did you leap from the window seal above the bed at 4:30 a.m. with all of your kitty claws out and land on my BOOB and then run away like a Tasmanian devil was trying to grab you and gobble you up?!?!

    I know you heard me scream that loud obscenity that scared every other living soul in the house (except for Mark who was still peacefully snoring), and then watched me wake back up for another hour.

    Were you gloating?

    I think you were.

    And just so you know, the fact that you’ve laid beside me all cuddly and sweet all day while I don’t feel good doesn’t make it up to me.

    You have a lot more cuddling to do cat.

  • Animal Kingdom

    Date: 2010.06.12 | Category: Angie Cat, Dogs, Kitties, Photography | Response: 9

    If there is one thing we love in this house, it’s animals. So when my friend Susan asked us to watch her dogs while she went to Memphis, we welcomed them with open arms.

    Lucky is some kind of mix Susan’s father-in-law rescued from getting kicked at a gas station in Florida. She was mangy and skinny and skiddish when they found her. But with a lot of love (and some heavy doses of medication), they’ve got her into fighting shape. And she is a wild, goofy little sweetheart.

    Sue Bear is a new addition. Susan recently adopted this little border collie mix from Pet Savers. She belonged to an older couple who got sick and couldn’t keep up with their dogs anymore. Even though she’s a border collie mix, she’s very mellow. In a lot of ways Sue Sue reminds me of Bonnie.

    They have worn my girls out and been great guests.

    As part of Susan’s birthday present, I agreed to take some “arty” shots of her dogs. Keeping them here with me has given me the opportunity to do so. Here are a few of my favorites.




    Angie Cat got very upset because I was a) rolling around on the floor taking photos and b) paying attention to someone besides her. So, I caved and took one of her too.


  • How Angie Cat Found Her Home

    Date: 2010.04.28 | Category: Angie Cat, Family, Kitties, Sam Cat | Response: 5

    It’s high time I continued the story of how I accumulated so many pets.

    I told Sam’s story here. He was the first.

    After we had Sam for about a year, we noticed a couple things.

    1. Sam was destroying anything he could get his nasty little claws on. This includes, but is not limited to, the coffee table, the over-sized chair, the underside of the couch, laundry and our appendages.

    2. He was always looking to get into trouble and to get our attention.

    Mark thought he was a psychopathic demon-cat. I thought he needed a friend.

    And so I began my crusade for another cat. Mark asserted that our townhouse was only big enough for one cat. I pleaded and pleaded and then pulled out the big guns… “I want a girl kitty for my birthday.” Mark rolled his eyes, sighed and threw in the towel.

    As if by fate, my friend Angela called the following weekend to let me know a friend of hers had rescued a tiny little orange kitten from the alley ways of Baton Rouge. I squealed, Mark sighed and Angie Cat rode with Angela to her new home with us.


    Angie was my cat, so I named her after the Rolling Stones song.

    She was skinny and scaredy and Sam was in love. It was different with two cats. Sam followed her like a shadow and his penchant for sticking his nose in her butt landed him with an upper respiratory infection. She was the answer we were looking for though. Sammy took a liking to her and gave up his awful habit of scratching on the furniture to get our attention (well, mostly). Now he had a friend to scratch on. And Angie? Well she loved him just as much right back.


    Angie is a much gentler soul. To this day most people wouldn’t even know we had a second cat because she hides in the guest bedroom when people come over. But, if you’re patient, sometimes she’ll reward you with an appearance… that is if Mark and I are both home to stand guard for her.

    I call her my little nurse maid. Whenever one of us is sick, she knows and makes her way into our lap and sits with us for the day. Letting us love on her and keeping us warm.


    She has the squeakiest little voice though, and gains weight like no kitty I’ve ever seen. Poor Angie cat.


    She, unfortunately, gets the least attention in the house, but I think she likes it that way. As long as Angie has a hiding spot, access to plenty of food and Sam cat to snuggle with, she is one content little kitty.

    She is definitely a shy kitty all her own, and we love her that way. She, like Sam before her, wormed her way into our hearts and is here to stay.